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Certified Yoga Instructor

Certified bodyART Instructor

Transformational Coach

Certified Conscious EFT with NeftTi.com

My name is Carmelinda and I'm motivated for you to experience healing through energized movement and empowered living.

As a Certified yoga instructor and bodyART Instructor, I am present to the power of our bodies as a vessel for transmuting the energies and experiences that stagnate our vibrancy. Our physical health is a reflection of our inner peace and confidence.


As an Emotional Success Coach with Neffti International and Certified Conscious EFT Candidate, I incorporate emotional awareness and support into our practices so that we can acknowledge the mind, body, and soul connection.


I'm genuinely excited about you feeling better, so I'm eager to share the things that helped me.

About Carmelinda


Yoga, Breath, and Mindfulness have been my anchor through the most challenging times of my life.

I offer you here the tools that have allowed me the ability to navigate the transitions of my life with trust and enough energy to move forward. You have unlimited access to my offerings.

Not only can we “get through” difficult times, but with awareness we have the opportunity to evolve through those times, to be the highest version of ourselves.

This platform is your space to receive vibrant offerings of

Yoga | Barre | bodyArt Fitness | Breathwork | EFT

Healing and Happiness is available to you!

Alana Weitzner

Over the years, I see Carmelinda as a constant;  someone I can comfortably rely on to assist me as I nourish the body and energize the mind.  I highly recommend her classes for all skill levels. 

Nan Laws

My super sweet, lovely friend, your healing energy is so important. If you have a rough day, remember you are so loved by so many! 


I hope this email brings you even a fraction of the happiness you’ve brought to me today.

Our Plans

Get creative and inspired with your daily practice as you explore the variety of classes in our membership and commit to what feels best for you.


Vinyasa Yoga

Kundalini Yoga

Hatha Yoga

Barre Workouts

bodyART Fitness Classes

Guided Breath Classes

Guided Meditations


Make the time to stand in your power and explore

What is EFT?

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) is a form of Energy Psychology.

EFT addresses the mind and body by tapping on acupressure points to de-activate the arousal in the amygdala, helping to regulate the mind and body's response to stress.

With strong scientific support EFT is often used to help people move beyond psychological distress, physical pain, PTSD, depression and anxiety.

It integrates other modalities including cognitive behavioral  therapy, talk and somatic methods.

EFT works with the root emotional stress that is causing the physical, mental and performance issues.

The tapping process detaches the emotional charge from the traumatic or difficult or painful experiences of the past.

A gentle technique that offers rapid relief.

Contact me below to discuss private EFT sessions!

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